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Understanding Boilerplate Language

Learn what is most important in the language that you see time and time again in a contract.

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The Hello Contract Vision

Our Story

We have a vision, and that is to change the South African Legal Landscape.

Good lawyers are expensive, let’s be honest. So much so that when one needs a contract or legal document, it's generally prohibitively expensive, with the result that you either go without, or you end up hacking a contract together yourself without the legal knowledge necessary to ensure that all your bases are covered.

Hello Contract is changing all of that for the ordinary South African business.

At Hello Contract we believe in an entrepreneurial future. We believe in going to work everyday to provide people with the tools necessary to build their company, and take control and build their own future.

Getting started

It shouldn't be difficult.

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Let's do this

Hello Contract offers over 100 documents ready for you to create whenever you need it.

We create affordable legal contracts, aimed to...

  1. Protect and facilitate the growth of small businesses through quality legal documents;

  2. Create understandable and usable contracts with a highest level of customisation;

  3. Educate entrepreneurs and business owners to enable them to have the best usage of our automated contracts;

  4. Make legal document accessible to all at a price that reflects the digital age; and

  5. Make legal documents available immediately as and when required.

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Professional and Revelant, Hello Contract is so needed in the South African Market

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Heidi Barter

We want to enable SME's to pursue the high priority items on their agenda instead of getting lost in legalese

Heidi Barter
Partner at Hello Contract

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